Hey there, my name is Eric. Welcome to Spirits Don't Fly!

About Me

My real name is Ernst Stolz and I live in Germany. You can call me "Eric" since that's easier to handle. I was born in Russia and moved to Germany at the age of five. I did my A-levels, did my community service, and then I studied Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrueck for three semesters before I switched to Mathematics. And then I switched again, this time to Computer Science and English. In 2016 I eventually graduated with a Master's degree.

Now I'm a Junior JavaScript Web Developer at a local company. Why? Because you can't find employment with a degree in English literature and linguistics, you dummy, that's why!

About The Website

I built this site from scratch. I figured, what's the worst possible thing to do when you want a blog? Then I went and cried my figurative share of tears while coding up the site. It's a crazy amount of time and effort to put in, but it's something I can say I've built myself. And that makes me feel good again. I wanted to be able to control everything on my website, how it looks, how it functions, how it feels, everything. It's built using Vue's offspring Nuxt as a framework and Vuetify for the user interface. If that sounds like gibberish to you, don't worry. I'll share a few things about how I built this site in future videos on Youtube, and not in the typical programmer lingo as you may have learned to fear. I hate unnecessarily complicated communication. And I love simplicity. Aren't you happy you came to this positive place?

As for the content on this site, it's always somehow about our zeitgeist, the culture we live in, the way we think. Zeitgeist is a German word and it literally means the spirit of our time. It's about the spirit that leaves volatile imprints of footsteps. That's what Spirits Don't Fly stands for. It's about capturing the contemporary experience of the spirit we live in. No, we won't track down the spirit here; we don't want to scare it, but we will quietly follow it. Bring your slippers!

Is This Blog For You?

I enjoy making things accessible, be it programming, physical fitness or anything else; for me everything comes down to an experience. How do we experience the crazy lifestyle of working out, what does it mean to be part of that culture? What does it feel like to think through challenging coding issues, to get a tangible handle on abstract concepts, or to have to question weird shower designs because they certainly weren't designed with practicality in mind? Do you see where I'm going with this?

About My Channel On YouTube

Filming myself is new to me. I've recorded my screen before, but actually being on camera is new and, ye, I must admit it's difficult too. You can't fake being someone else, someone cool and rhetorically eloquent. And it's not any easier to be yourself either. Such a weird place to be stuck in. I guess the YouTube channel is a display of my person, of the things I do in life. I need to move, not sit or stand, I cannot stand immobility. Plus, I need to learn something new all the time. I think it's a journey, wanna come with?