I grew up listening to their music, to their voice.

Now I'm writing a letter about how much I love it, how much I miss it.

In my inner world there’s only one set of footprints. I am the only one who inhabits my mind, who walks in it, thinks in it. Nobody can tread in my stead nor walk in my shoes.

One, two. One, two.


Can you hear the echo of my solitary steps? You are the voice within.

You’re not my body, yet I can hear your heartbeat. You’re not my voice, yet I can hear you scream.

I feel your anger when you come one step closer. I see the turmoil when you walk in the shadow of the day. And I just know that even if you're not with me, I'm with you.

I take a breath and exhale the evanescence of your voice.

I listen up and hear my unvoiced screams.

Losing your voice stripped me of mine. And now I don't know how to be heard without it.

So, I'm writing you this letter. It's a scream you will never hear but scream I will nonetheless. May the echo of this letter resound in other people's hearts instead. And may they taint my sadness with their tears.

It's all right to be sad. It's this very echo from the bottom of my heart that made me want to scream.

We love you, Chester.